2017 Reading Stats

I always enjoy looking back and quantifying my reading from the previous year. Comparing year to year trends allows me to track progress, make future changes, or just give myself an excuse to make a spreadsheet. As such, I’ve compiled a few charts to breakdown my reading experience in 2017:

Books read in 2017


A new personal best!

Average Page Count

chart (5)

Male vs. Female authorship

chart (6)chart (7)

I made an effort this year to read more books by female authors and I’m happy to see that for the first time ever I read more books written by women than by men. It’s a small step, but I’d like to see these numbers be more even going forward than they have been in the past.

Genre Breakdown

Speculative fiction covers a wide range of genres, so here is a breakdown of how many of the books I read this year fell into each of these genres:

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 11.05.28 PM.jpg


Until next year!


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